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Switch Kit

$750 - $1050*

Switch Kit Details:

  • Compatible only with Kubota L Series, MX Series, M Series, John Deere 3 Series and 5 Series
  • Designed for tractors with an existing third function of any brand to maximize efficiency and streamline your cutting experience
  • Functions by keeping your hydraulic line open for consistent pressure to your cutter. No more bungee cords for your third function lever!
  • Each Switch Kit includes your switch box, whips and fittings, and all necessary hoses and hardware to efficiently and safely plumb your Kubota L Series, MX Series, M Series, John Deere 3 Series or 5 Series
  • Still unsure what kind of hydraulic kit you may need for your Lane Shark? Visit our FAQ Support Page or contact us to find the best solution to get you up and cutting
  • While our Switch Box is designed to work with MOST 3rd function setups, certain systems, including ones with "stacked valves," may cause hydraulic priority issues, leading to suboptimal performance, such as loss of loader function while the Lane Shark is in use. In cases where tractors utilize stacked valves, we cannot guarantee that the loader will receive priority of hydraulic flow over the Lane Shark. It is the customer's responsibility to evaluate and determine the compatibility of the Switch Box with their specific tractor setup, taking into account factors such as stacked valve configurations, before purchase and installation. As always feel free to call our service department if you are unsure and we can help determine your needs. If your tractor has such a setup, we can still provide you with one of our 3rd Function C-Flow kits to circumvent the issue of losing loader priority. By considering these factors, customers can ensure a smoother integration of the Switch Box with their tractors.
  • **DOES NOT INCLUDE WR LONG BULKHEAD MOUNT (This is only included in our C-Flow and C-Flow 3rd Function Kits)
  • *Price does not include tax, shipping, or installation.