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Coldwater Gardens Case Study

Caitlyn Cooney | October 26, 2022

Coldwater Gardens Case Study

Industry: Hospitality / Agriculture | Choose Product(s): LS2 | Date: 10/13/2022

Customer Name: Nick Phoenix

Business Name: Coldwater Gardens

City & State: Milton, Florida

Describe what this customer needed to accomplish:

Coldwater Gardens has over 8 miles of roads, trails, and fire lanes that need continuous maintenance. It is a public facing business that relies heavily on natural aesthetics. The Lane Shark was purchased to lower staffing costs and speed up the maintenance process.

How did the customer learn about Lane Shark?

Lane Shark was mentioned to them by a neighbor in 2017.

Why did this customer choose to use a Lane Shark?

It was shown to be the most effective tool for what they needed within their budget. They also appreciated meeting Travis and the fact that Lane Shark is made close to home.

How did this customer previously accomplish the task(s) described above:

Before owning a Lane Shark, multiple staff members would use pole saws, hand tools, and a walk behind brush cutter during the summer months to maintain the roads and trails. They estimated about 50 - 60 hours of labor saved each year.

How does the customer use Lane Shark for their particular needs:

Coldwater Gardens has found that they’re able to keep the primary roads and trails clear much more efficiently. This allowed them to expand on their fire lane network for their prescribed burns. The lane shark is used to create new fire breaks as well as maintain the existing ones. They have also found that by using their rear PTO brush cutter and the lane shark in the off-set position, they are able to save time by only making one cutting pass on grassy trails and roads.

What results did this customer achieve by using Lane Shark?

“We have saved so much time and energy over the years by using the lane shark. Now, staff actually want to go out and cut back the roads!”

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