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WR Long and Lane Shark USA: Collaboration at its Best

Unleashing the Power of Partnership: The Unique Offerings of Lane Shark USA and WR Long Inc.
Caitlyn Cooney | June 29, 2023

WR Long Inc. and Lane Shark USA:

As a manufacturer of high quality tractor attachments, we are proud of our strategic alliance with WR Long Inc., an industry titan known for their wide variety of 4N1 buckets, grapples, pallet forks, tooth bars, and more. They cater to a multitude of machinery from compact tractors to skid steer loaders, with a commitment to efficiency, longevity, and versatility that mirrors our own.

At Lane Shark USA, we bring to this collaboration our expertly designed brush cutters and innovative 3rd Function C-Flow Kits. The C-Flow Kits, our unique creation, simplifies the plumbing process for your Lane Shark and enhances overall operation. Paired with our sturdy brush cutters, these kits add value and performance to your tractor.

Our dual commitment to crafting these exceptional kits and brush cutters not only advances the usability of tractors but also fortifies our collaboration with WR Long Inc., collectively driving the industry forward.

What makes our C-Flow 3rd Function and C-Flow Kits Special?

  • Engineered for Versatility: Suitable for tractors equipped with an existing WR Long 3rd function, or no 3rd function.
  • Designed for Compatibility: Specifically tailored for WR Long 3rd functions. Compatible with hundreds of different tractor makes, models, and loaders. Find your Fit
  • Affordable and Pre Fabricated: A budget-friendly solution to prepare your tractor for Lane Shark brush cutters and grapple readiness.
  • Ease-of-Installation: Each kit can be installed in less than 3 hours.
  • Made in America: Manufactured using American parts and labor for exceptional quality.

Key Components of our C-Flow Function Kits:

  • C-Flow Component: Allows continuous hydraulic flow by connecting to your WR Long 3rd function, prefabrication to fit most tractor makes, models, and loaders.
  • Bulkhead Mount: Designed for easy attachment and detachment of hydraulic hoses, fitted near the torque tube for seamless operation with your Lane Shark brush cutter.
  • Switch Box: Enables push-button control of the Lane Shark brush cutter without the need to hold down any lever or button on your 3rd function for continuous hydraulic flow.
  • Hose Whips, Check Valve, and Quick Connect Fittings: These hoses are equipped with quick-connect fittings, promoting swift and effortless hose release. They also incorporate a check valve, a safety measure that ensures a gradual halt to your blades, preventing sudden stoppage when the unit is shut down.

Remember, our C-Flow Kits are strictly compatible with WR Long 3rd function valves. If your tractor is equipped with a non WR Long 3rd function, please contact us for further assistance.

We're here to revolutionize your land management endeavors. Trust the partnership of WR Long Inc., and Lane Shark USA to unlock the potential of your tractor with high-quality tractor attachments and brush cutter attachments. Elevate your land maintenance efficiency with our valve kits and prepare your machinery for a wide array of tasks. Our joint commitment to quality, durability, and American manufacturing makes us your go-to partners for all your tractor needs.

How to Purchase our Products:

Acquiring Lane Shark USA products is an easy process. We've mapped it out in the following steps for your convenience.

  1. Locate Your Dealer: We always advise purchasing and installing Lane Shark USA equipment through your local LS dealer. They'll ensure correct installation and set you up for future service, if needed. A local dealer will also inspect your tractor prior to installation to ensure it's in top condition.
  2. No Local Dealer? No Problem: If there's no dealer within an approximate one-hour radius, you can purchase a kit or a kit and cutter directly from us online, through our Shopify page. Or if you have a preferred dealer, we can coordinate with them about the installation process. This helps ensure that you're getting the best possible service, regardless of where you purchase your equipment.

Remember, hydraulic attachments often utilize maximum tractor power. A well-maintained tractor is crucial to avoid future issues. Trust your local dealer or our team at Lane Shark USA to set you up for success.

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